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Some Antivirus programs identify Excel add-ins as risky, preventing its download and installation. Check the Configuration Settings of your system. See more details at Microsost Support.

Files to Download

Downloads: (# downloads since August 2014)
DOWNLOAD_THIS_FILE_SOptipe_DTS_PRO_2007_2013.zip[Optipe Data Tools Suite for Excel 2007-2010-2013 v1.34]720 Kb21107 DOWNLOADS09/29/2019 03:28
DOWNLOAD_THIS_FILE_SOptipe_MultiMail_2007_2013.zip[Optipe MultiMail for Excel 2007-2010-2013 v1.25]368 Kb7471 DOWNLOADS07/05/2019 03:15
DOWNLOAD_THIS_FILE_SOptipeConvert.zip[Optipe Convert Measurements for Excel 2007-2010-2013]154 Kb6332 DOWNLOADS05/29/2017 20:53
DOWNLOAD_THIS_FILE_SOptipe_DTS_PRO_2016.zip[Optipe Data Tools Suite for Excel 2016 v1.34]798 Kb9216 DOWNLOADS09/29/2019 03:29
DOWNLOAD_THIS_FILE_SOptipe_MultiMail_2016.zip[Optipe MultiMail for Excel 2016 v1.25]450 Kb5352 DOWNLOADS07/05/2019 03:16

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