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Product Version Date
Convert 1.01 08 2014
MultiMail 3.00 04 2017
DataToolsSuite 2.12 09 2018

Optipe Data Tools Suite
1.05 (02/19/2015). Fixes change windows problem, in Merge Tables and Create Formula applications, for Excel 2013 version.
1.06 (11/29/2015). Fixes issue in app Extract Data Table, to add multiple fields at once in Extract box.
2.00 (03/01/2016). Incorporates automatic version upgrade for PRO licenses.
2.01 (05/24/2016). Fixes selection of tables located in other workbooks in applications Merge Tables and Create Formulas.
2.02 (06/16/2016). Add message to the user, that is shown every 15 days.
2.03 (10/01/2016). Add "Learn to Use" option in the Other Features menu
2.05 (11/15/2016). Corrects problem Hide/Show Worksheets in Manage Worksheets (also corrected in evaluation version 1.12)
2.06 (11/25/2016). Corrects problem when adding multiple fields with function in Extract Data. Improved Manipulate Text screen. Adds user preferences (Other Features) option to select multiple items (in selection boxes).
2.07 (01/08/2017). Improve the use of format buttons in Other Features.
2.08 (04/07/2017). Fixes issue of grouping sheets from multiple workbooks in Manage Sheets app.
2.09 (07/19/2017). In Extracts Data app, change extraction mode to preserve the original data format.
2.10 (11/23/2017). Fix Customize Formatting Buttons, which did not allow to update them.
2.11 (08/28/2018). Add IFERROR for 2007 and later versions to the data merging formulas in Merge Tables and Create Formula apps.
2.12 (04/09/2018). Improves the preservation of original data format. Remove the "Options" tab in the Extract Data application.

Optipe MultiMail
1.02 (02/19/2015). Fixes change windows problem to select tables, for Excel 2013 version.
1.03 (02/25/2015). Fixes counting emails issue.
1.04 (05/30/2015). Correct insertion point of the fields in the Text box.
1.05 (06/13/2015). Improved sending problem in Filtered Range option.
1.06 (07/12/2015). Lets add more than one file in options for all emails; Add option "Reply-to Address"; Corrects problem by embedding jpeg/png images.
1.07 (07/26/2015). Add possibility to attach a file in Filtered Range option.
1.08 (10/21/2015). Solves sending mail trouble, which usually occurs for compatibility of configuration settings. The program indicated that the messages had been sent, without having actually sent.
1.09 (12/16/2016). Excel 2016 version is released.

2.00 (03/15/2016). Incorporates automatic version upgrade for PRO licenses.
2.01 (07/13/2016). Improved option to save MultiMail definitions.
2.02 (08/12/2016). Corrects problem in Preview messages, which only showed the 1st.

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