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About Us


At OPTIPE we are moved by the passion to make good use of time. We simplify everyday tasks in Excel so you can accomplish more quickly and efficiently. Our applications are designed to simplify your processes and maximize your performance in Excel.

We've spent thousands of hours building and improving our applications so you can save precious time on your day-to-day work with data and tables in Excel.

In Optipe we specialize in apps for Excel. We know how long you can get lost in your daily work with data and tables. Our goal is that users of our products can do more in less time. Increased efficiency and effectiveness in its management. Optimize Time Performance.

Our professionals has extensive experience in implementing various computational solutions in a wide range of companies, as well as being users of Microsoft Excel. This experience was overturned in our products, which we are sure will be very useful to Excel users.

José Antonio de Diego GlaríaOptipe is headed by José Antonio de Diego Glaría, Chilean Computer Engineer from the University of Concepción and Master of Business Administration from the University of Talca. He has been professor of Statistics for Management in Magister programs at the Universidad de Talca and Universidad Santo Tomás. Knowing Excel for over 25 years, has extensive experience in developing models of management control. He has implemented many solutions to automate several administrative processes. Conducts workshops for companies on management tools for decision making, aimed at executives and business professionals who require a more advanced knowledge of Excel for analysis to help interpret business information.

Optipe. Optimize Time Performance.

Contact us at our email: optipe @ optipe.com

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