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Optipe Data Tools Suite - Summarize a Table

Summarize a Table application of Optipe Data Tools Suite, lets you generate summaries from an Excel table or database.

Data Tools Suite Summarize a Table

Summarize a Table
Use this application to:

  • Get a summary of sales data by brand, area or department.
  • Summarize and group by the course or teacher, the semester hours.
  • Generate a summary of salaries and hours of each operator or production unit.
  • Calculate amounts for each budget item.


  • Generate the summary table with formulas, that refer to the source data for a quick update; or constants, without reference to the source data, when they are of a considerable volume that makes the calculations very slow.
  • In either case, the summary table can be updated to include changes made to the source table.
  • Use different summary functions such as sum, count, average, maximum or minimum.
  • You can group by one or more criteria simultaneously.
  • Calculate totals and / or subtotals.
  • You can generate the summary on a new sheet or in a location that you determine in the current sheet.

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